About Global Paints :

History, prosperous future, and an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products. There is no doubt tha a key ingredient to the success of the global paints foundation is its ability to continue to strengthen its competetive position in the markets for paints and through maintaining the quality of their products and meet the needs of consumers and the use of modern technologies and the application of best business practices in all activities of the institution.

Our Vision

The march of the global paints foundation began in 1992 and has been developed to give full importance to meet the needs of the local market and the increasing demands in the field of automotive paints and accessories, and in a short time has been set up several branches and service centers and distributors in the kingdom.

Our commitment to provide the best

Entered World Foundation paints a new phase to reorganize its investment and planning; our goal is to provide the best products at competetive prices to enable the consumer to enjoy high quality products and prices well thought out.

And succeeded by establishing global paints and realize the idea of " one-stop shop " to provide the customer needs in the centers.

The success of our investments

Our strategy based on innovation in growth and development, training and geographic expansion.

Geographic expansion

Because we want to expand our markets beyond the Eastern Province, Riyadh and Jeddah, we opened a branch in those major cities, and we distribute our products in other regions of the kingdom through accredited and distributors from those cities.

Prosperous future

We continue our development extensively in the field of paints and we continuously employing more skills and experience to provide the best performance for our customers.


* We will ensure delivering quality products and we will always take care of our customers by providing all the necessary services and trainings. We have a long experience in paints, and we will make sure to provide you with the products you need.

* We also sell all of the paint related materials such as putties, polishes, equipment such as spray booth and spraying equipment. Please explore our website for more products and information at www.globalpaints.biz

Our Main Office Address :

Al-Khodariah Industrial Area King Abdulaziz Extension St.

Contact No.# 00966 13 8566663/00966 13 8383064 /Fax : 00966 13 8376891

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