80349 1 Liter 3M Perfect-It III Extra Fine Plus ( 80349 )

  • Color : YELLOW
  • Size : 1 LTR
  • Performance Level : Best,Better
  • Application : Medium to Fine cut and high gloss/ Designed for standard 2K paints/ Removes fine sanding and /or coarser compound scratches/ Removes orange peel
  • Wet or Dry : WET
  • Case Quantity : 12 PCS/BOX
  • Brand : Perfect-it™

3M 80349 Extra Fine Compound has been developed specifically for modern scratch resistant paints to give a relative high cut and very high gloss. The product is equally useful on standard paints. For use on refinish on original paints to remove sanding scratches after rectifying paint defects such as dust nibs or orange peel. Can also be used as an alternative to 3M Machine Polish after using a coarser compound to restore finish. 3M 80349 is a fine automotive compound for use on refinish paints to remove sanding scratches after denibbing or flatting with 3M 260L P1500 abrasive discs on 3M Microfine 2000 grade Wetordry hand sanding paper or 3M 9 micron abrasive disc. Use the appropriate size of Trizact Fine Finishing Discs 50076 (150 mm), 50075 (75 mm) or 3M A5 Trizact discs 50079 (32 mm) after sanding to refine the scratches before compounding.

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